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    • PrimeSurgicals Portable Hand Touch Free Sanitizer Stand. Made up metal rode with plastic base.
    • Adjustable Height: Place any length bottle with ease of adjustable height.
    • Size: Hold any size of bottle with the help of adjuster.
    • Portable and Easy to carry: Sanitizer stand can be easily be disassembled.
    • Hand Touch Free: Operate with the ease of pedal press.

    Important information

    Legal Disclaimer:

    Detachable Model with easy to fix installation manual. All it takes is 20 minutes to fix the pedal sanitizer ,with help of a size 13/14 spanner . Color : Grey with Deep Blue or Black with Rubin Pink (will be shipped as per availability)

    Product description

    The much needed essential utility product to help us being safe at these challenging covid 19 times. Celebrations brings a strong sleek hands free sanitizer dispenser stand which can be widely used at offices, educational institutions, factories, ATM and banks, Hostels, shopping stores, Lifts etc. With a single press of the foot the user gets 5ml of liquid sanitizer at his/her hands to completely remove all germs instantly and helps in securing our place of living and work. This helps in breaking the transmission also as only the legs are put in use and securing the hands from touching the sanitizer bottle. The mobility of this essential utility gives it a practical advantage to use it all places with ease.